We recently increased the prices of our septic tank systems to account for recent extraordinary inflationary cost increases.   
  • All published prices are valid throughout 2024 with no prices, guaranteed.  All prices include installation and VAT.

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Through our group of companies we handle everything.  From order to installation to aftercare. We do not use any third-party contractors.  It's all on us. Guaranteed.

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Established since 2012 we've built a solid reputation for quality, service and customer aftercare.  Read our Customer Reviews here.
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Choose from BUDGET | BETTER | BEST 2024 prices shown

System B3 Budget

Our 'Budget' septic tank system is ideal for a 2-4 person household.  Priced at 4,395.00lv (including VAT & installation) it represents value for money.  It's perfect for holiday homes or rental properties.

| BUY NOW from 183.12lv per month
0% Interest Free

System B2 | Better

The 'Better' septic tank systems is perfect for larger households of 4-6 people.  Priced at only 4,695.00lv (including VAT & installation) you get a lot more than the 'Budget' option for not a lot more cost.

| BUY NOW from 195.62lv per month
0% Interest Free

System B1 | Best

This is our most popular option for a 4-6 person household.  Priced at an affordable 4,995.00lv (including VAT & installation) it presents super value for money and includes all the optional extras available.  

| BUY NOW from 208.12lv per month
0% Interest Free

Buy Now Pay Later | Interest Free 0% Payment Plans | It costs nothing extra

All our septic tank systems are available to Buy Now and Pay Later through our industry unique 0% Interest Free Payment Plans
That's right, you can spread the cost over 12 equal monthly payments at no extra cost.  It's interest free.  No extra cost.  Zilch, nada, nothing.

Click Here for more information about Buy Now Pay Later options.            Septic Tank System costs increased from 16/11/23 for 2024 installations

Payment Options | It's your choice

Choose the payment option that makes more sense for you.
You can either pay for your septic tank system in full or chose to spread the cost over 12 monthly payments, interest free.
It cost nothing extra to conveniently spread the cost over one year.  It's interest free and the application process is quick and easy.

Click here for a comparison of paying in full or spreading the cost.

Septic Tanks | Explainer Video

Let's take a close look at a septic tank system and discover how it works, how it processes your waste water and sewage and everything else you need to know.  They're really not that complicated, ya know.

| With good care, consideration of use and regular maintenance a septic tank system will last you many decades of trouble free operation.

| All our septic tank systems are guaranteed for a minimum 25 years from the date of installation.  Talk to us about our Aftercare Services.

Septic Tanks
How we calculate sizes

We use industry standard data and daily waste water consumption figures to calculate the ideal size of the septic tank you require for your household and property.  We also include an allowance for visitors and overnight guests to ensure your system is suitable for the volume of daily usage and expected occasional increased volume.

  • Our most common installation is for a 4/6 person household. Watch this video for information on daily water use volumes.

National Coverage
| Nationwide Installation Service

Everything is included.  There's no hidden extra costs.  You pay one price for everything; we supply the system, deliver it to your property,
install it, test & commission it and provide you with all required certification and a 25 year guarantee.  Just one call and we take care of it all.  It really is that easy.  Talk to us, Call Free: 0800 4 00 22
No sneaky extra hidden costs.  Guaranteed.  
What you see is what you pay*  
All prices include VAT and installation.
* extra charges may apply for installation addresses outside our standard coverage areas and/or non-standard installations. Details on request.

Which Budget is Better or Best for you?

We offer three different, cost effective and value for money, 
septic tank system solutions for you to choose from.

| All our septic tank systems are available on our Buy Now - Pay Later
0% Interest Free Payment Plans.  Spread the cost over 12 months.

| No other septic tank installer offers you this option at no extra cost.
All funding is provided directly by ourselves so you have no pesky banks to deal with or money-hungry credit companies wanting your first-born child as a guarantee for your future payments.  It's just us.

0% Interest Free Payment Plans
Only we offer you 0% Interest Free Payment Plans
to spread the cost over one year

No other septic tank system installers offer you the opportunity to spread the cost of your septic tank system over 12 months, interest free.  
That's right, you can spread the cost at no additional cost.
  • Simply pay a 50% deposit at the time of order and pay the balance over 12 equal monthly payments, at no additional cost. It's an unmatched deal. Of course, certain qualifying criteria is applicable and this amazing deal is subject to status and some Terms and Conditions apply.  Our lawyers insist on some legalese.
  • The application process is super easy.  Just call us free on 0800 4 00 22 and we'll take just 5 minutes to get the process moving forward.  Just a few details, a form to complete and it's done.
  • Funding is provided, via a private funding agreement, by D4H (Services) Ltd.  No pesky banks or money hungry credit companies to deal with. It's just us and you doing a deal. 
  • We handle everything from the paperwork, processing your application and providing the funding to administering the agreement ourselves.  We're fair, transparent and honest.
Click Here for more information about Buy Now Pay Later options

Apply Now | Request an Application Form

The application process for our industry unique Buy Now Pay Later 0% Interest Free Payment Option is quick, straight-forward and very easy.  Simply click here and enter your email address and we'll send you an application form. 
That's it.  It really is quick and easy.

Compare our Septic Tanks with any other available.  WE WIN.  EVERY TIME.

Superior Quality Tanks

We manufacture our septic tanks from only the best, most robust and quality recycled materials.  All our septic tanks are certified RoHS (Removal of all Hazardous Substances) compliant and come with an EU Certificate of Conformity.  If you find better, please let us know

3 Chamber Treatment System

All our septic tanks are 3 x chamber tanks* to process waste water and sewage through 3 bio-stages of treatment.  Everything is processed and removed before the effluent is dispersed into the leach field where it will percolate into the ground. *excluding 'Budget' system

0% Interest Free Payments

All our Septic Tank Systems are available with an Interest Free Payment Plan so you can spread the cost over 12 months at no extra cost to you.  It's interest free.
Pay 50% deposit now from 2,197.50lv
Pay 12 monthly payments from 183.12lv
Pay 0% interest
Example based on 'Budget' system and funding is subject to status.  Terms & Conditions apply.  Funding provided privately by D4H (Services) Ltd
Want to know more?  Call Free: 0800 4 00 22

VIDEO: Septic Tank Systems & Installations

Watch video of our septic tank systems and see an installation from start to finish

Every installation is different | Each has particular site specific challenges to be overcome.

No two septic tank system installations are the same.  
| Every installation will present a new challenge or a difficulty to be overcome during the installation process.  Our Installation Teams face
these challenges head on and will adapt your installation to your site specific challenges.

We've never failed to produce a solution and have overcome every challenge we have faced.  We're really rather proud of our successes.

We take care of everything | We do not use any third party sub-contractors.  It's all us, all the way.

From your initial enquiry to your installation we take care of it all.  
| We do not use any third party sub-contractors.  Everyone you deal with, from our office teams to our installation teams, are direct employees 
of D4H (Services) Ltd.  We're fully insured with up to €10 million liability cover.

Simply put, we cannot 'pass the buck'.  Responsibility for your septic tank systems starts and ends with us.  Not all other installers can say that.

Don't Forget  you can spread the cost of your new septic tank system over 12 months at zero extra cost.  Interest Free Payments

Price Increases Coming Soon | Our septic tank systems prices will be increasing from January 1st 2024

| Thus far, throughout 2022/3, we have absorbed a incredible amount of inflationary price increases.
From the costs of goods, materials, transportation and labour etc etc etc increasing and we haven't passed these increases onto our customers. Prices will rise 01/01/24.  Currently, we expect prices to rise between 15% and 20%.  Our bulk buying power gives us an advantage when negotiating with our materials supply and transportation partners.  We'll strike the best deal for us and them, and of course, for you too.

HOW IT WORKS & Why Choose Us?

Watch our explainer video that details how a septic tank system works.  Then watch a video of why to choose us...

EU Declaration of Conformity

All our septic tank systems meet all strict European Union standards and compliance for safety, health and environmental protection standards.  They're all certified to be compliant and approved.
  • ROHS & REACH Compliant
  • 'Green Tick' Sustainable Certified
  • CE Approved and Certified

Aftercare is important too | We don't 'Fit & Forget' about you. That's not who we are.

All our septic tank systems are designed to be 'Fit and Forget' systems with minimal maintenance and care required.  
| But, we don't forget about you.  Our Aftercare Service is industry leading.  We're available to you for the full duration of your 25 year guarantee.  If you have any issues, need some advice or have any other worries or concerns about your system, just call us and we'll do whatever it takes, or whatever is needed, to resolve any issue you may have.  Of course, you can prolong the useful life of your septic tank system by following the simple 'Use Guidelines' that we provide with every installation.  We'll even send you a useful reminder to have your septic tank emptied at regular intervals, normally every 3 years.  Our automated system will also send you a monthly reminder to top-up your system with Bio-Activator to keep it working efficiently.

Some Aftercare Service Call-Outs may be chargeable if the Use Guidelines have not been followed and the issues are not a system failure
due to product failure or installation issues.  We are always fair and will endeavour to minimise any Aftercare Call-Out costs to you.

Contact Us | Let's talk...

Want to know more?  Want to talk to us about your next project?
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Office Hours: 08:00 - 18:00 Monday to Saturday.  

We're 5 Star Rated by our Happy Customers

We're super proud of our Customer Reviews and the confidence they provide to new customers.  Since 2012 we have built, and work extremely hard, to maintain an industry leading reputation for service, quality and aftercare. Our reputation matters to us, very much.
| Our reputation is our greatest asset and we value our position in our industry.  We do whatever it takes to maintain and keep our name.
You can read our Customer Reviews here.  They're all rather awesome.
' I absolutely recommend  Super service, a great team and happy to answer all your questions  '
- Michelle | Provadia

Easy Payment Options  | Whatever best suits you

We accept payments in various currencies via bank transfer 
  • Bulgarian Leva (our preferred currency)
  • Euro Currency (subject to exchange rate)
  • Pound Sterling  (subject to exchange rate)
At this time we cannot accept payment in Russian rouble currency.
Exchange rate variations apply to Euro and Sterling payments
We do not accept cash payments


Let's talk about what you need for your particular household requirements.
  • Call us free on 0800 4 00 22 (calls are free from all Bulgarian telephone networks)
  • Or complete the form below and we'll review your specific requirements and come back to you with a solution, a plan and all the information you need.
Tell me more about Septic Tank Systems

Every installation makes a difference.

THANK YOU. Every Septic Tank System we install allows us to make a financial contribution to a regional veterinary surgery to help fund the care, support and welfare of street dogs.

  • This support can take the form of either funding neutering projects, help those less financially able to pay their veterinary bills or any other projects and/or situations where the veterinary surgery needs a little more support.  It all makes a difference, one dog at a time.

A gift from us to you to say Thank You

| All our septic tank systems are supplied with up to 2 years of Bio-Activator and a complimentary bottle of WC Bio Gel to get you started with your new septic tank system.  Additional supplies available to purchase direct from us and can be despatched and delivered to you via Speedy or Ekont.