HIRE AREAS | Local & Regional Coverage

We cover more of Bulgaria than any other digger hire operator
and all surrounding areas in each operating region*

Covering more of Bulgaria | Much more. 

From our primary depot in Shumen we cover more of Bulgaria than any other digger hire operator.  Veliko Tarnovo depot opening soon.


Our daily hire tariff includes service in the above areas. 
Out of area hire available at extra cost.  Call Free 0800 4 00 22

Coverage Areas
| We're here, there.  Everywhere!

Our bright yellow trucks, towing our yellow diggers, are a popular sight on the motorways and mountain roads and village lanes throughout Bulgaria.  You can't miss our yellow trucks!  We like to be seen!

97% On-time arrival to site | Time is money.

Our average 'travel time' to a works site is 1hr 18min.  Currently, as of September 2023, we've arrived on-time 97% of the time.  And the other 3% we arrived within just 5 minutes of our scheduled arrival time of 08:00hrs.  That's pretty impressive.
  • All our vehicles are subject to EU Driving Hours Regulations and monitored by tachographs and our onboard telematics driver monitoring systems.

Big Brother watches over us | All the time.

All our fleet vehicles and machinery are satellite tracked 24/7-365
  • We always know where our fleet assets are and live track them from the moment they leave our depot, while their working at your works site and all the way back to our depot.
  • This allows us to ensure they are always safe, can be diverted around advised traffic delays and are being driven and operated in accordance with our Safety Training and Operations Protocols.
We also monitor our drivers and operators to ensure they work within EU Working Hours Regulations and take their legal break times and drive within their regulated driving hours and driving rest periods.

Want to know more? Talk to us.

Got questions?  Want more information?  Or just want to chat about your project?  Talk to us...

" I have to say, the service I received right from my first call to my job being completed was nothing short of first class.  When I first called I had lots of questions and Lisa answered them all and even made a number of suggestions to make my project progress more smoothly.  Every email was answered in just a few minutes and Lisa was very helpful throughout the easy booking process. 10/10 "
- Andrew | Varna

Making a difference | One dog at a time.

We support a number of local and regional dog rescue charities with donations from each digger hire revenue.  Every digger hire booking helps us to buy 12 tins of dog food to keep our little canine friends fed and healthy.  A healthy and nutritious meal really makes a difference.
  • All our support vehicles carry tins of dog food, bags of biscuits, doggie treats and fresh water.  We feed street dogs wherever we're working throughout the country.  They just want some food, care and love.  We wish we could save them all. We make a difference, one dog at a time.