Fleet Update | Introducing the new SANY SY26U to our hire fleet

Starting from Q4 2023, and continuing throughout 2024, we are updating our digger hire fleet to SANY SY26U models.
As part of our fleet replacement and update programme, we are transitioning from a Komatsu fleet to a 100% SANY Fleet Operator.

We continue to invest in technology to drive us forward and ensure we operate the most technologically advanced machines available to better serve our daily hire and contract hire clients.  Our transition to SANY machinery demonstrates our commitment to our operators and ensures they benefit from the class leading cabin design and comfortable working environment.  The SANY SY26U is a class leader in the 2.7 tonne sector.

Fleet Update | Moving Forward

From Q4 2023, and throughout 2024, we will be transitioning our fleet from Komatsu to become a SANY Fleet Operator.

We're Investing | CapEx Investment

This fleet change represents a big capital expenditure investment in new machinery to drive us forward through to 2029.

It's A Partnership | Exclusive Deal

Our partnership with SANY is an exclusive five year strategic partnership for the supply of machinery and service support.

Hire Fleet | SANY SY26U

Our primary daily hire fleet is populated by SANY SY26U midi-diggers with operating weights of 2.7 tonnes and oodles of digging force.
  • The most compact combination of performance and functionality 
  • Inherently safe, The SY26U is equipped with numerous safety features as standard equipment. ...because Safety Matters.
  • Quick and easy maintenance inspections with fast and easy access to all major components for operator daily checks. 
  • Fitted with hydraulic 'QuickHitch' for super fast bucket and attachment changes.  Operators can swap a bucket in 5 seconds!
  • Super bright LED work lights positioned on cab roof and boom.
  • Onboard telematics for remote monitoring of machinery operation and system diagnostics.  We know what they're doing and where.
  • Remotely engaged and monitored 'Geo-Fence' for on-site security and safety.  If they move from site, we know about it.  Instantly.

Operator Comfort | It's their office

All our machines are hire with an operator and their comfort and working conditions are important to us.  The SY26 provides superior comfort and ergonomic design features.

All Round Vision | Safety Matters

Safety is our No.1 priority and the SY26 offers a full 360 degree field of vision for operators to have a clear, unobstructed view all around them while operating machinery.

Compact Design | Cutting Edge

The SY26 operates in the Midi-Digger class and packs a whole host of technology and design features into a compact size.  It's a leader in it's class. 

SANY SY26U | Machinery Sizes

Size Matters.  The SANY SY26U packs a huge amount of power, ability and versatility into a compact medium sized machine.
  • Perfect for working in confined spaces and the overall height (2.44m) and width (1.55m) makes site access easier than many other comparable machines in it's operating class.
  • With a maximum reach of 4.28m the SY26 offers maximum on-site flexibility for a variety of tasks to be completed safely.
  • An impressively capable machine with class leading capabilities.

Can we dig it? | Yes We Can!

The SANY SY26U has an impressive digging power and ability with a maximum digging depth of over 2.8 metres (2820mm).
  • Flexibility is key when working and the SANY SY26U offers flexibility
  • The SY26 outclasses many other machines in it's class
  • With a dumping height of 3.1m the SY26 can load spoil onto larger tipper vehicles with absolute ease.
  • The 2.8m digging depth is the best in it's operating class

Size Matters | Easy Site Access

The SY26 offers flexibility to hard to access works sites.  At just 2.4m high and 1.5m wide it can access covered site access and narrow areas with relative ease.

Compact | ...and Versatile

For such a compact design, the SY26 offers maximum on-site versatility to perform a wide variety of tasks.  ...and it does all this while reducing output emissions too.

Dig Deep | Reach High

With a maximum digging depth of 2.8m and a maximum reach of 4.8m the SY26 can dig deep and reach high.  It's operating stats are class leading in the midi-digger class.

Why we chose SANY SY26U's

We chose SANY SJ26U's for our daily hire fleet because they represent an extraordinary value proposition with a focus on lifetime running costs.  The Stage V eco engines offer market leading fuel savings and reduced overall operating costs while limiting output emissions with the latest Stage V diesel engines.

All our diggers are hired with an operator and operator comfort was a significant consideration too.  The cabin area offers our operators a comfortable environment to work with unparalleled vision all around.

The transition from a Komatsu fleet to a SANY fleet represents a big capital expenditure investment.  We're investing in the best available machines to better serve the evolving needs of our customers.

Five Year Warranty | 10,000 Hours

The SANY SY26U is complimented with an industry leading five year warranty / 10,000 hours coverage.  We keep our diggers for three years or 3,000 hours and this warranty ensures we are covered throughout our entire ownership period. 

Nationwide Service | Mobile Support

Responsive, on-demand and skilled mobile service technicians are provided by SANY through their dealer network to minimise machinery downtime.  Our own workshop will complete standard maintenance and regular safety checks of machinery.

Parts Availability | Next Day Delivery

Through the SANY Central European parts distribution centre machinery parts are available via express next day delivery.  We also maintain our own parts stock for service items to minimise machinery downtime and on-site machinery availability.

SANY Heavy Industries | What's behind the machines

The rationale behind our decision to commit to a SANY fleet is made up of many essential and critical factors.  Primarily, we demanded reliability, operator comfort and class leading capabilities. 
  • The SANY dealer network and responsive service was also a contributing factor to ensure minimal machinery down-times. 
  • This SANY Promotional Video clearly demonstrates how closely our ideals are aligned and why we chose SANY as our strategic partners to supply our machines for the next five years.

SANY SY26U | Promo Video

Watch the SANY SY26U in action.  Videos produced by SANY Group