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D4H (Services) Ltd are pleased to announce the imminent launch of a new service aimed at improving the environmental options available to our construction sector client base.
ON-SITE CONCRETE CRUSHING to produce recycled aggregates from concrete debris, on-site!

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A new service from D4H (Services) Ltd and operated by
On-Site Concrete Crushing for a more environmentally approach to demolition and construction projects. Generate recycled aggregates from concrete debris.

Reduce.  Re-use.  Repurpose.
Save Time - Process materials on-site
Save Money - Avoid materials transportation & disposal costs 
Reduce New Materials - Repurpose recycled aggregates

Daily Hire from 550.00лв per day

Working to a processing capacity of 50.00 tonnes per day our mini crushers will produce recycled Type One grade aggregates at the equivalent of just 11.00лв per tonne.  A magnificent cost saving.

Add the savings in transportation and disposal costs + the savings of buying and transporting new raw materials to site and the potential saving start to add up!   

Press Release


D4H (Services) Ltd Launches Innovative On-Site Concrete Crushing Service Under New Division:

Date: 24/05/2024

Location: Shumen, Bulgaria

D4H (Services) Ltd is excited to announce the launch of its latest service offering,, a new division dedicated to providing on-site concrete crushing services. This strategic expansion represents a significant investment by D4H (Services) Ltd, underscoring the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the construction industry. will utilise a fleet of state-of-the-art mobile mini concrete crushers, capable of processing up to 10 tonnes of material per hour. This service allows clients to efficiently crush concrete debris waste on-site, converting it into recycled aggregates. The innovative solution addresses the increasing need for sustainable construction practices and offers substantial benefits to clients.

**Environmental and Cost-Saving Benefits:**

1. **Reduced Transportation Costs**: By processing concrete waste on-site, clients can significantly cut down on transportation costs associated with hauling debris to landfill sites.

2. **Lower Disposal Fees**: The ability to recycle concrete waste on-site reduces the need for disposal at landfill facilities, leading to substantial savings on disposal fees.

3. **Sustainability**: Recycling concrete waste into reusable aggregates helps reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. It decreases the demand for new raw materials, preserving natural resources and minimising the carbon footprint associated with their extraction and transport.

4. **Convenience and Flexibility**: The mobile nature of’s mini concrete crushers offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing clients to process materials directly at their project sites, saving time and labor costs.

This new service will be operated by, ensuring the high standards of operational excellence and customer satisfaction that D4H (Services) Ltd is known for. With this launch, D4H (Services) Ltd aims to provide a comprehensive solution for construction projects of all sizes, promoting a circular economy within the industry.

"We are thrilled to introduce to our portfolio of services," said Lisa Snow, Managing Director, of D4H (Services) Ltd. "This initiative is part of our broader strategy to offer innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. By enabling on-site concrete crushing, we are not only helping our clients save costs but also contributing to a more sustainable future for the construction industry."

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**About D4H (Services) Ltd:**

D4H (Services) Ltd is a leading provider of construction and equipment hire services, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Through its various divisions, including the newly launched and the established, the company continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and environmental stewardship in the construction sector.

Materials Processing Preparation 

How do we process materials too large for our crushers?

As part of our Sorting and Pre-Sizing procedures we separate larger material pieces for pre-processing with our hydraulic breakers.  
Put simply, we break larger materials into crusher sized bits ready for crushing.  This prevents crusher clogging and saves machinery down time.  Our hydraulic breakers operate at only 76dB noise levels.

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