Thank You for choosing D4H (Services) Ltd

We very much appreciate your business and your trust and confidence in us. Below is all the information you need to move your booking forward and complete the next stage of your Digger Hire booking or Septic Tank System order.

BOOKING INFORMATION all you need to know 

This is our Booking Information Page where you will find all the information you need to ensure your digger hire booking, or septic tank system order, moves forward and we all know what happens next.  It's important to us that our communications with customers are clear and transparent.  It's the start of a relationship. 

The next steps to confirm your booking

OK, so you've decided to hire us for digger hire, or to install your new septic tank system.  Thank you, your business is much appreciated.

Let's now review your contract with us 

and arrange payment of your 50% deposit

Your booking with us is currently 'Reserved'. We require a deposit payment equal to 50% of your expected hire charges, or 50% of the cost of your septic tank system at the time of booking or order.

Below you will view our Service Contract between you and ourselves.  
Please review it.  By making your deposit payment you agree and accept the terms of this Contract as set out below.

Once we receive your deposit payment we will confirm receipt of your payment and update your booking, or order, to 'Confirmed'.

Who We Are | Company Details | Legal Information 

Your contract is with: D4H (Services) Ltd  (Some services may be provided by subsidiary companies of the D4H (Group) Ltd)

Registered Office Address: 11 Alaxandra Stamboliski, Struino, 9804 Shumen

0800 4 00 22 (Calls are free from Bulgarian telephone networks)

Company No. & VAT Registration No. Bulstat: 205539943 | VAT: BG205539943

Insurance Coverage Providers: Alianze Insurance GMBH and other providers

Legal Registrations:  We are fully registered with the Bulgarian Trade Registry and Certified by the Bulgarian Construction Academy 

Licenses & Certifications: All our employees hold all relevant licenses, certifications and qualifications for the machinery they operate 

All services are provided by D4H (Services) Ltd (or a subsidiary within the D4H (Group) Ltd).  We never use or employ sub-contractors.  
Everyone involved is a fully registered employee of our company. 

Section One: Deposit Payments

NOTE: Your Digger Hire Booking / Septic Tank order is currently 'Reserved' until we receive your deposit payment.  

Please pay your deposit payment within 3 days.  Upon receipt of your deposit payment your booking / order will be updated to 'Confirmed'.  

Details of how to pay your deposit payment are presented below (See: How To Pay in Section 4). If you experience any difficulties or issues in making payment please advise us as soon as possible to ensure we can maintain your 'Reservation' until payment is received.

Please Note: We do not accept cash payments - All payments must be made via bank transfer to our company account(s) only.

  • Payment of your deposit is required within three days of your booking or order
  • Deposit payments are non-refundable in the event of cancellation of a digger hire booking. Typically, we work on a 4-6 week booking lead time and any cancellation will render our assets un-assigned for the period of your cancelled booking and this will impact on our income/costs negatively.   
  • If your works schedule changes you can reschedule your booking at no cost.  A minimum notice period of one week applies if you need to reschedule your booking.  Notice of less than one week may incur a charge.

Section Two: Balance Payments

The remaining 50% balance of your hire charges, and any additional charges not calculated in your original booking (i.e. extra hire time and/or additional machinery and/or added attachments etc), will become payable immediately on the expiration of your allocated hours. 

Please Note: We do not accept cash payments - All payments must be made via bank transfer to our company account(s) only.

  • Balance payments made by bank transfer must be confirmed prior to our operator leaving your works site. Please allow sufficient time for bank payments to process.
  • Full payment of all balances becomes due immediately after the designated hire period has expired, (Please see; 13 Time Allowances on page 9 ). We do not provide credit account facilities for non-commercial/contract customers.
  • All hire charges are subject to VAT at the rate prevailing at the time of service delivery. Currently (September 2023) the standard rate of VAT is 20%. All advertised/quoted daily hire charges are plus VAT. A full VAT invoice will be issued to you for all payments made.
  • Septic Tank Systems prices are advertised on this website with prices including VAT. 
  • Payments for any/all materials (i.e. water pipes, quarry stone, weed barrier or any other materials or supplies supplied by us to complete works) is due at the point of purchase from local sources or immediately on arrival to your works site if we have sourced and delivered materials. All materials and/or supplies supplied by us remain our property until paid for in full. No transfer of ownership occurs until any/all outstanding balances are paid to us.
  • A full VAT invoice is issued for all payments within 48 hours of any final payment.
If you are using our Buy Now - Pay Later 0% Interest Free option to pay the balance of your septic tank system order, we will send you additional documentation and a funding agreement that will set out your payment schedule for the balance due.

Section Three: How To Pay

We offer a variety of payment solutions. Please choose the most appropriate/convenient payment method and currency for you from the options below and advise us by email/messenger/telephone which method of payment you used in order for us to reconcile your payment. On receipt of payment your booking status is updated from ‘Reserved’ to ‘Confirmed’. Deposit payments are due within three days of booking.

  • Payments in Pound Sterling or Euro will be calculated at the exchange rate prevailing (we use the Unicredit Bulbank daily foreign exchange rate to calculate exchange rates) on the date of booking to their equivalent in Bulgarian Leva unless we have specifically quoted in these currencies. Invoices will be issued in Bulgarian Leva currency equivalent. 
  •  We use MoneyCorp GMBH and/or Wise Payment Solutions for Forex payments.  Our business accounts with both are 'Verified Accounts'.
Please Note: We do not accept cash payments - All payments must be made via bank transfer to our company account(s) only.
In exceptional circumstances we may accept a cash payment.  Please call 0800 4 00 22 to advise and arrange.

Pay in Bulgarian Leva

Bank Name: Unicredit Bulbank

Bank Branch Address: 

7 Sveta Nedelya Sq.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Account Name: D4H (Services) Ltd




Payment Ref: 'Your Name'

Pay in Euro Currency

Bank Name: Wise Business

Bank Branch Address:

Rue du Trône 100, 3rd floor, Brussels 1050 Belgium

Account Name: D4H (Services) Ltd




BE10 9677 1894 8404

Payment Ref: 'Your Name'

Pay in Pound Sterling

Bank Name: Wise Business

Bank Branch Address:

56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ United Kingdom

Account Name: D4H (Services) Ltd





Payment Ref: 'Your Name'

Check & Double Check
your payment details

It is your responsibility to ensure you enter the above details correctly into your banking app, online banking portal, telephone banking or in-branch transfer.  We cannot accept any responsibility, liability, loss or any other consequences for mistake, errors or omissions that result in your payment being sent to the wrong destination account.  Take your time.

Flexible Payment Options | Multi-Currency Choices

Simply choose the currency that is most convenient to you.

We accept payments in Bulgarian Leva, Euro Currency and Pound Sterling.  All payments must be paid by bank transfer.

Next Steps | Information we need

Now you have made your deposit payment we need to compile your first invoice.  To do this we require some further information from you.
Please complete the form below.  It's as easy as 1-2-3.  We need your full name (or company name), your full address and a telephone contact number.  Simply insert the details below and push 'Send'.  
  • We will produce an invoice and send it to the email address given.  Our operator will provide you with the original when they arrive for your booking.  This invoice also acts as your payment receipt.
  • For domestic/private (non-commercial customers) you can choose to be invoiced in your personal name(s) or, if your property is owned within a company, you can choose to be invoiced via your property owning company.  Simply enter the details of either below.  If you want to be invoiced via your company, please include the company Bulstat No.  For personal names we also require your personal I.D. number(s).
  • If your company registration address is different from your works site address, please enter both addresses.
  • Not sure about anything?  Simply call us free on 0800 4 00 22 and we'll answer your questions.

1. Your full name (or company name)

Please enter your full name, or company name if you wish us to invoice your company, in the form below.  Also include your personal I.D. No. or company Bulstat No.

2. Your full address

Please enter the full address of your works site, including postcode.  Please add a separate address if the invoice address if different to your works site location.

3. Your contact telephone number

Please enter your telephone contact number. Our operator will call you when they enter your village, on the day of your booking, for directions to your works site.
Invoicing Information

Section Four: Arrival to your works site

On the commencement of hire our operator and machinery will aim to arrive at your works site on or before 08:00hrs. Or earlier if previously arranged.  

  • All our machinery prime-mover (towing) vehicles are fitted with tachographs and subject to current EU driver hours regulations. In the event of traffic delays, route diversions or any other cause of delay, our operator may enter a legal rest period and need to stop for a designated period of rest as dictated by EU/BG law. 
  • While we plan our routes, allowing sufficient time for a timely arrival, we cannot be held responsible for such delays and any time lost will be split 50/50 between you and us. That is to say for example, if our operator is 30.00 minutes late arriving to your works site due to any of the above reasons, 15.00 minutes will be deducted from your total hire hours.  
  • Our operators/drivers will always endeavour to advise you of any delays of their arrival to your works site. Please ensure we have a telephone contact number.
  • If our operator has not arrived, or contacted you, by 08:30hrs please call us!
  • Due to the nature of rural villages, i.e. narrow lanes, soft (or unmade) road surfaces and, sometimes, insufficient street name markers and signs, our operator may call you on their arrival to the entrance of your village for directions to your works site. 
  • Our operator may choose to walk the route to your works site to gauge any obstacles, access issues and check the nature of the roadway/access surface before driving to your works site. It may be necessary for our operator to unload machinery at the closest hardstanding area to your works site to prevent vehicles/machinery causing surface damage or becoming stuck on soft ground.

Section Four (A) | Breakdowns & Delays

The very nature of vehicle operations can mean, from time to time, we encounter mechanical faults and/or vehicle breakdowns while enroute to your works site.  In such circumstances we will advise you as soon as possible.  Our vehicles can depart our base from 04:00hrs and we will contact you as soon as practicable.  In any event, we will not call a customer to advise of a breakdown or delay in arrival before 06:00hrs. We may email, message or text earlier to advise you of any delay.

  • Our first response to a vehicle breakdown is to despatch our Mobile Service Vehicle to provide roadside assistance and use our mechanics best endeavours to repair a vehicle at the roadside.  In the event this is not possible, for a variety of reasons, we will arrange recovery of the vehicle to our base, or closest main service agent - whichever is judged to be the best and most expedient option, for repairs to be completed.

  • We will advise you of progress and, if necessary, reschedule your booking.  We will always attempt to minimise delays and if another vehicle and/or machinery is available we will divert them to your works site as soon as possible.  We apologise in advance for any delays caused by a vehicle breakdown and ask you to understand that vehicles can fail, encounter mechanical issues and/or breakdown from time to time.

  • We live monitor and track our vehicles from departure from base, or wherever their starting location may be, to arrival at your works site.  From time to time, due to traffic, highways works and weather etc, we may remotely divert the vehicle and send an alternate route to our onboard routing systems.  This may increase the overall distance, and therefore travel time, to reach your works site.  We will advise you of any delay in arrival as soon as we are aware of any potential for delay.

Section Five: Access to your works site

We require unobstructed access to your works area. The access route to your property should be a hard-standing/firm base for our vehicles and/or machinery to drive over without any risk of damage to below surface services (gas, water, waste, electric etc) or present any risk of our vehicles and/or machinery becoming stuck or damaged. Our driver/operator will risk assess the access/approach route.

  • If your works site is accessed via a problematic mud/grass lane/track, or presents any other access issues you are aware of, please advise us as soon as possible so we can make any necessary provision(s) for access.
  • All our operators have our full authority to decline to proceed over certain ground conditions if they feel excessive damage will be created and/or there exists a risk of our vehicles and/or machinery becoming stuck and requiring heavy recovery to release them. Our operators decision with regards to ground conditions is final.
  • Our prime-mover (towing vehicles) vehicles have a Gross Vehicle Weights of between 3.50 tonne and 11.0 tonne (towing vehicles, with trailer and loaded machinery, can have a gross train weight of 11.0 tonnes) - we cannot be held responsible for any damage to roadway and/or pathway surfaces we need to use, drive over or park on to gain access to your works site. Of course, we will always endeavour to minimise any impact.
  • Our vehicles, trailers and machinery are both multi-axle wheeled vehicles and tracked machinery. Driving over gardens, patios or any other parts of your property may leave wheel ruts and/or track marks. We cannot be held responsible, or accept any liability, for any such marks/damage. Please advise us as soon as possible after booking if you require us to provide 'ground protection' to minimise any such impact to areas of your property. Ground protection measures may incur an additional cost. For details of ground protection see:
  • Vehicles operating off-road - When your works require us to use road vehicles in and on off-road conditions you accept full liability for any damage that may be sustained to the vehicle(s). This includes damage to tyres (and punctures) and any damage sustained to the underside of the vehicle as a direct result of operating in and on off-road conditions.

Section Six: Vehicle & Machinery sizes

We require minimum access widths and heights to gain access to your works site. If you have a covered gateway or narrow access point please advise us as soon as possible. It may be that smaller machinery is required. Please see Section 8 for machinery & vehicle dimensions

Section Seven: On-Site Risks 

COVID-19: We will take all reasonable steps and actions to ensure our operators are Covid-19 Secure. As a responsible employer and service provider, we have put various Safety Protocols in place for your protection. Details of these, specific to your hire booking and works, may be sent to you separately. Please see for details of our site safety protocols.

  • It is your responsibility to identify to us any and all risks and/or obstacles, buried services (gas, water, waste, electric etc), drainage routes and cesspits, whether covered or not, within your works site. In any event, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for damages to any such below ground services.
  • In the event that access, or general working, is over such buried services such operations/works is at your risk. While we will take all precautions possible, we cannot accept responsibility or liability for any resulting damage(s) to such buried services or our machinery and/or vehicles within your works site.  
  • If you have architectural plans for your works please provide copies to our operators to view and identify, and mark out, any areas where risks may be present. Any ‘Danger Markings’ set out by us must not be removed. This includes barriers, bollards, cones, warning tape or any other markings used to identify Danger Areas.

On-Site Safety | ...because Safety Matters!

On arrival to your works site our operator will talk you through our 'On-Site Safety Protocols' and explain the Safety Procedures to be in place while we are operating at your location.
  • Safety is NOT optional - Please follow all guidance and advice!
  • Be Seen! Be Safe!

Machinery Sizes Can we access your works site?

  • Access Width: Minimum 1.55 metres (1,550mm)
  • Access Height: Minimum 2.5 metres (2,500mm)
  • Machinery Weight: 2.80 Tonnes (2,800kg)
  • Digging Depth: 2.80 metres (2,800mm)
  • Digger Reach: 4.17 metres (4,170mm)
Please ensure you have sufficient space, width and height, for our machinery to access your works site.

Section Eight: On-Site Safety Rules

While our vehicles and/or machinery are operating on your works site you agree to remain a minimum of 10.0m from all our vehicles and/or machinery while they are operating. Our operator may lay out safety cones, pedestrian barriers or warning tapes to mark out a safe working zone.

  • We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any personal injuries if you, or anyone other than our own employees, are within this 10.0m safe working zone.  
  • Our machinery (diggers, skid steers, dumpers etc) are fitted with audible/acoustic movement alarms which sound whenever the machinery moves (forward/backward). These must remain operational at all times and under no circumstances is our operator authorised to deactivate any movement alarms.
  • Please ensure any/all children present on/at your works site remain 10.0m away from all machinery at all times, whether operating or static/parked.
  • Please ensure any pets, or livestock, are kept away from operating machinery.

Section Nine: Vehicle & Machinery Security

We may, occasionally, leave vehicles and/or machinery on-site at your works site overnight (and/or weekends). You will have a responsibility to ensure our vehicles and/or machinery are not interfered with and provide basic security as you would for your own personal motor vehicles parked at your address. Where possible we will park our vehicles and/or machinery under, or within view of, any CCTV located at your property.

  • All our vehicles and machinery are fitted with alarms, dash cams, cctv and satellite anti-theft tracking systems (including an electronic geo-fence). If any alarms are activated overnight, and we are advised remotely, we may call you to request a quick visual inspection of any vehicle and/or machinery. We will disable any activated alarm remotely after inspection.  

Section Ten: Open Trenches & Excavated Pits

The very nature of our works means that open trenches and excavated pits, or any other exposed excavation, may be present within your works site. Such excavations may remain overnight or exposed for hours or days at a time.  

  • Our operators will identify any open excavations to you, and may mark them out with warning tape and or warning posts notices. It is your responsibility to ensure any other persons within your works site are advised of same. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any personal injuries sustained from such open trenches and/or excavated pits. This includes children, pets and any animals and/or livestock present at your works site.  Site Safety Matters and we want to maintain our 100% no on-site injury status.

Section Eleven: Daily Hire Hours

Daily hire equals an eight hour day. Each hire day starts at 08:00hrs until 16:00hrs and includes operator break times, any bucket/attachment change times and time spent surveying, marking out and discussing works.  

  • 15 minutes is allowed each day for unloading of machinery or, if machinery is left on-site overnight, for the preparation of machinery for operation, and a further 15 minutes at the end of each day for the preparation of machinery for loading or, if machinery is to be left on-site overnight, for the parking and securing of machinery.   Hydraulic systems require a 15 minute warm up period at the start of operation and a 15 minute cool down time at the end of operation.
  • Any time spent surveying your works site, discussing works and marking out, measuring and establishing levels, including setting out level markers, is included in the overall hire time.

Section Twelve: Machinery Operator Working Hours

Our operators will operate machinery from 08:15hrs to 15:45hrs each day of hire. (allowing for the two 15 minute tasks noted in 11. above).  

  • Operator are legally obliged to take a 15 minute AM works breaks at 10:00hrs, a 30 minute lunch break at Noon (12:00hrs) and a further 15 minute PM break at 14:00hrs. Operator break times are monitored by onboard telematic systems which are live monitored by us from our office. Break timings may vary from site to site to allow for scheduling, deliveries or works being completed by other contractors on-site.
  • Multi-Day Hire: In some instances, ordinarily when working far from base where overnight stays are required, our operator may, with your permission, start each day's hire earlier and work through to a later time each day. This will allow our operator to depart from your works site hours, or days earlier in order to return to base earlier, or depart for their next hire assignment earlier. In any event, the total hours worked will equal the total days/hours hired. Earliest start time is 06:00hrs.
  • All our machinery and vehicles are fitted with advanced in-cab and on-board telematics which allow us to monitor their operation, working times, breaks and performance remotely from our office(s). We know what our operators and machinery are doing minute by minute via live updates, monitoring and alerts. 
  • NOTE: When using compressed air and/or hydraulic powered breaker attachments, ordinarily for demolition/concrete breaking works, our operator is required, under current EU Health & Safety regulations relating to the operation of such equipment, to take a 10 minute break every 30 minutes. While this may increase the works schedule it is a legal requirement and cannot be ignored.
  • All our operators are governed by EU work time directives and are personally legally responsible to ensure they conform to all current working time regulations and legislation. We also monitor their compliance via vehicle and machinery on-board telematics systems. If our operator exceeds any working time laws we can/will/may disable their machinery remotely for the duration of a required break time.

Section Thirteen: Time Allowances

All hire times / estimates provided by us for the hire period required to carry out the works you have requested and/or described are 'estimated' and no guarantee of completion within such time is given or implied.   Your booking is processed by us to allow sufficient time to complete your works based on our best guess-estimate based on our knowledge, experience and previously recorded data of the time taken to complete tasks.  

  • The very nature of groundworks means multiple variables exist that can delay, hinder or otherwise prevent works from being completed within the allocated hire time. We will always do our very best to complete works in the hire time allocated but cannot provide any form of guarantee. Our operators will ordinarily have another booking to travel to after your booking. In the event they cannot complete your works in the hire time booked you may need to make a subsequent booking for them to return, or another operator to be deployed, to complete your works. Any additional/subsequent booking will be chargeable.
  • Such variables include below surface obstacles (rocks, stone, old building foundations, tree roots etc). Adverse weather conditions can also prove problematic. While we will always do our very best to complete all works in the time booked we cannot guarantee completion.  
  • If your works cannot be completed within the booked hire period we will always endeavour to return to your site as soon as our booking schedules allow to complete the works which remain outstanding. Extra hire charges are applicable for any time period in excess of the original time period booked.
  • Any additional time required (on the same booking day), in excess of the standard daily time allowance, is charged at 60.00 leva per hour, or part thereof. This charge is plus VAT and subject to operator working times limits allowing for extra time.
  • In the event our machinery and/or vehicles become stuck, bogged down in mud or unable to move due to slippery conditions causing traction issues, we will do our very best to release vehicles as soon as practicable. However, any time lost to recover vehicles from such circumstances will be deducted from, or added to, your time allowance. We cannot be held responsible for adverse weather conditions or be held liable for any time lost as a direct result of bad weather, site conditions or ground softness. 
  • Tree Stump & Roots Removal: Due to the complexity, depth and width, of root systems we cannot provide estimates as to the time required to remove tree stumps and roots. Some can be removed in minutes, others can take hours.

Section Fourteen: Weather Conditions

Our operators receive daily, and when deemed necessary half hourly, weather updates, specific to their area of operations, direct from our office.  

  • Our operators will use their best endeavours, knowledge and experience to maintain operations in poor weather conditions. However, if our operator deems the works, our machinery or any persons, including themselves, may be at risk they may stop works until weather conditions improve. Our operators decision is final.
  • Our tracked diggers can work in most weather conditions. However, certain ground types and site levels can create traction issues during/after heavy rainfall or snowfall and cause significant delays or require work to stop until ground conditions improve. During/after rainfall / snowfall our tipper vehicles, when required to drive off-road, from a hard surface onto a mud and/or grass surface, can encounter traction issues and, due to their weight, can sink into soft ground which may require heavy rescue recovery.
  • Our operators have our full authority to stop works during weather conditions they deem to be unsuitable or present an immediate danger to themselves, your property, the outcome of works or to our vehicles and machinery. Our operators decision is final and will be communicated to our office. We will always defer to our operators decision and support their 'boots on the ground' determination of weather conditions.

Section Fifteen: Noise & Disruptions

The very nature of our works and vehicle and/or machinery operations means mechanical noises are unavoidable in our operations. We suggest you advise any neighbours of our planned arrival and inform them of the noise potential and any other disruptions and/or inconvenience that our presence and works may cause them. Our machinery operates within a range of 71 to 96 exterior decibels. Our operators carry several additional sets of ear protection for clients use, just ask.

  • Note: Please ensure all pets, animals and livestock are removed from the immediate areas where our machines will be operating. The noise levels of our machines, including any acoustic movement warning alarms, may cause distress to pets, animals and livestock.  
  • Each of our midi-diggers are fitted with an acoustic movement alarm which sounds as a repeating ‘Beep-Beep-Beep’ when the machinery moves forward or backward. This is a proximity warning alarm and cannot be turned off.
  • From time to time, during the operation of machinery, we may require more power and increase the engine revs to deliver more power to the hydraulic systems. The engine revs will be reduced when the need for more power subsides. However, the volume of noise will increase during this process.
  • Generators, water pumps, chainsaws, wicker plates and other equipment we may use on-site will create a noise level for the duration of use.

DEMOLITION WORKS: We use a variety of tools and/or attachments to complete demolition works. These can be electric powered and/or compressed air powered and/or powered by hydraulics and can produce noise levels between 91-110 decibels. The impact range of such tools range from 1,500 to 3,500 impacts per minute and can cause constant noise disruption and vibrations around your works site. Our operator will risk assess all works areas.

Section Sixteen: Materials & Supplies

Your works may require materials and supplies (quarry stone, weed barriers etc) to be purchased. The cost of such materials and supplies from local sources is your responsibility and payable at the point of purchase. If we are supplying materials and supplies payment becomes due on delivery to your works site. Such purchases are made a ‘cash purchases’ on your behalf. If we are collecting materials on your behalf from local sources: see Tipper Hire & Mileage allowance.

  • Unless materials and/or supplies are being supplied by us as part of a ‘Full Project’ works booking, we do not provide any guarantees or warranties on materials and/or supplies purchased by us on your behalf from local sources or suppliers.
  • If we supply materials for your works site payment for such materials is due on delivery to works site. All materials and/or supplies supplied by us remain our property until paid for in full. No transfer of ownership occurs until any/all outstanding balances are paid to us. Once any materials and/or supplies are delivered to your site you become responsible for their security and our responsibility and/or liability for any theft and/or damage will cease at the point of delivery to site.

Section Seventeen: Water Pipe Installations and other pipe or cabling installations

If your works involves laying water pipes, clean supply or grey/brown waste, or any other pipe or cable installations (gas, electric etc), then we will only excavate the required trenches and lay the pipes and/or cables. The end-to-end connections of services are your responsibility or to be completed by others.  Of course, if we are installing a septic tank system we will complete all connections. 

Section Eighteen: Unoccupied Works Sites (Customer not present)

We accept no responsibility or liability for the security of unoccupied works sites.

  • Please provide us with details of any ‘key-holders’ who will facilitate our access to your property and/or worksite. We may need to access to power and/or water services while on-site. If access to power and/or water cannot be provided we will use mobile power resources and water bowser trailers. This may incur additional costs for transportation and operation.

Section Nineteen: Photographic Images and/or Video

We may take photographic images and or video footage of your works site before works start, during works and after works are completed. You hereby consent to us using such photographic images and/or video footage, without any personal identification elements of you or anyone else on your works site, within our website (, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter et al) and advertising.

  • Please advise us as soon as possible if you would prefer for such images and/or footage not to be used in such a manner. Regardless of the above, images and/or footage may be taken for our own internal quality assurance audits and operator training purposes.  
  • Our tipper vehicles are fitted with 'dash cam recording devices' which record constantly while the vehicles are operating. All recorded footage is retained within an on-board hard disk and delated 96 hours after your hire period ends. In the event our driver/operator believes any recorded event should be retained s/he will download the footage direct to our office for long-term retention/storage of recorded event(s). All data is retained in accordance with EU Data Laws.

Section Twenty: Tipper Hire & Mileage Allowance(s)

Our daily hire charge for tipper vehicles includes a 35km mileage allowance from and around your works site. Any mileage above 35kms is chargeable to you at the cost of 2.00лв per kilometre. This charge is plus VAT.

  • When tipper hire includes collection of materials and supplies we cannot be held responsible or accept liability for any time lost while waiting to be loaded at any supplier point. We have no control over loading times by others.
  • For example, collections from local/regional quarries may incur time losses caused by queueing to be loaded / weigh bridge delays or any other delays beyond our direct control. Where possible we will book a loading time slot in advance.
  • When a tipper vehicle is hired for ‘Dig & Tip’ or site clearance works it is your responsibility to identify a suitable and legal local waste disposal facility. Each village may have a waste facility for residents use. Your village Mayor will know the location and provide permission for us to use is as a proxy on your behalf. We will require confirmation of approvals given.
  • D4H (services) Ltd are licensed waste carriers in all municipalities we operate in.
  • We are licensed in: Shumen, Varna, Burgas, Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo regions.
  • In the unlikely event a waste facility is not available we will dispose of debris etc at a regional Municipality facility and you will be responsible for the per tonne charges.  
  • Under no circumstances will our operator dispose of any debris by ‘fly-tipping’ or using any unauthorised location for waste disposal. Please don’t ask us.
  • Please ensure permission to use your local waste facility is obtained before we arrive at your works site.
  • All our tipper hire vehicles are fitted with on-board ‘load weighing’ equipment. Under no circumstances will our driver/operator drive on a public highway with a load that exceeds the vehicles Gross Vehicle Weight limit. Our operators/drivers decision is final. In any event, vehicles are automatically prevented from driving if over weight by the onboard vehicle load weight monitoring systems.

Section Twenty One: Additional Machinery and/or equipment

Occasionally, a works site may require additional machinery or equipment to complete works which may not have been included in your initial hire booking. The use of such additional machinery may be chargeable and payable by you. Our operators will advise you of the cost, including any additional transportation costs, and gain your agreement before ordering any additional machinery to your works site.

  • Additional equipment is subject to availability at the time it is required.

Section Twenty Two: Fuel Surcharges

From time to time we may introduce a 'fuel surcharge' to cover sudden and unexpected increases in the cost of diesel fuel. While we may absorb moderate and temporary fuel increases we reserve the right to add a percentage fuel surcharge to hire fee's to cover prolonged and unsustainable increases in pump per litre prices. This mechanism is favourable to increasing our daly hire tariff charges.

  • We will endeavour to advise you of any fuel surcharge to be added to your total hire charges but this may not always be possible due to the nature of our fuel suppliers charges being susceptible to many political, business and supply chain variables. 2.50 leva per litre of diesel is our base fuel costs for calculating costs.
  • Currently, as of October 2023 Diesel Fuel costs are averaging between 2.80lv and 2.99lv per litre nationally.  A fuel surcharge will be implemented when per litre costs exceed 3.00lv per litre.
  • We have a national account with Shell Garage outlets and, except in exceptional circumstances, our vehicles and machinery will only refuel at Shell Garages.

Section Twenty Three | Review Us

We ask all clients to complete a review of our work and their experience on Facebook ( 

If, for any reason, you cannot provide us with a 5 star review we respectfully ask you to discuss your reasons with us and give us an opportunity to put right whatever is preventing you from giving us a 5 star rating. Your happiness matters to us.

  • Our reputation is our greatest asset and we want you to be completely satisfied with our services and works. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our services and/or works please raise any issues with us and we will do our very best to correct any mistakes to ensure we leave you a satisfied client who would happily recommend us to your family and friends. This is always our Number One aim.

The Small Print 

We reserve the right to amend/altar or substitute any/all machinery and/or vehicles allocated to your booking for a suitable and/or comparable machine/vehicle. This may happen for operational service, scheduling and/or maintenance reasons.  

  • All hire bookings, and resulting works operations, are accepted and carried out subject to our Terms & Conditions of Hire and our Terms of Business. Copies are available to view on our website. Please visit our website for terms of service:
  • By making a payment, using the 'How To Pay' information provided in this document, you confirm you have read and accept the contents of this document which forms part of our Terms and Conditions of Business and Terms of Hire.